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Elk has not only sold outdoor products for over 30 years in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, but has offered various experiences in the outdoor.


Born from OUTING PRODUCTS ELK (Elk), GATES is a company that proposes an experience that is more like a "Journey".


No matter your purpose, relaxation or adventure, GATES will help you "explore" Yamanashi.


In addition to proposing a unique fun of the outdoors, we hold various workshops such as forest maintenance, environmental conservation and safety measures.


It is through "GATES" that Elk can produce various "Journeies".


A variety of qualified and experienced staff will suggest / guide you in activities that match your the level.

"Nice to meet you" "I'm home" "Welcome back"

We propose everyone's encounter, home where we can return at any time, and places to support the departure.


Elk is an outdoor outfitter founded over 30 years ago.


Since Elk is located in Kofu City in Yamanashi Prefecture, known for its mountainous area, we specialize in mountain climbing.


And we want to share our knowledge about the available outdoor activities Yamanashi has to offer.


Not just an ordinary outfitter, we want you to connect with our community of hikers, campers, climbers and other people who love the outdoors.


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