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中込 真太郎
(Shintaro Nakodomi)

Qualification: Climbing Guide Stage Ⅱ

Elk manager who works for Elk for nearly 20 years. From young age, Shintaro is familiar with the local mountains of Yamanashi, and knows the fun places to climb at each mountain such as climbing. He also participates in outdoor tournaments such as the UTMF. Recently he is looking forward to camping with his daughter.


柳澤 仁
(Hitoshi Yanagisawa)

Qualification: Climbing Guide Stage Ⅰ

Hitoshi is from Southern Alps City (Formerly known as Shirane Town)


Founder and representative of Elk, he came to America alone in his 20's and experienced the outdoor scene in America. He that experience to his home in Yamanashi and founded Elk. He is familiar not only with mountain climbing but also fishing and canoeing. Hitoshi is crazy for Dante, his dog who is also on the signboard


深澤 陽介
(Yosuke Fukazawa)

Qualification: Climbing Guide Stage Ⅱ

Born from Fujikawa-machi, Minamikoma-gun


After graduating from International Natural Environment Outdoor College (INAC), Yosuke joined Elk. He is not just good at climbing, he holds the position of Elk No.1's physical strength and climbing ability. An energetic participate in the morning Yumuran, he enjoys a wide range of outdoor sports.

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